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Team defends cheerleader with Down syndrome

A team is committed to his cheerleader

Touching action of a basketball team

When a cheerleader from her team is laughed at by spectators, the entire basketball team is on hand to defend them.

Desiree Andrews enters the eighth grade. She is a happy girl who likes to dance for her life. And she has Down syndrome . Nevertheless, the Frohnatur danced with great enthusiasm in all basketball games of her school team as a cheerleader .

When a home game at their school in Kenosha (USA) makes fun of their way of dancing, the players on their team notice this and stop playing. They confront people in the audience directly and ask them to stop.

One says: "The kids in the audience made fun of her. So we had to intervene. It's not fair to treat people like that. Because we are all the same. "At the next game Desiree is honored with a speaking choir and the sports hall of the school is named after her. We want such social behavior more often.

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