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Tattoo with message: Young woman suffers from depression and talks openly about it

Often, only physical health is the focus. Mental health, on the other hand, is neglected.
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The outer appearance does not have to be true

With her tattoo, the 20-year-old American Bekah Miles is currently causing more sensation than many a star. Hardly surprising: The message that hides behind the tattoo also gets under your skin.

We all know these days when we all around us say that we are fine, even though there is emotional chaos inside of us. For people who suffer from depression, this condition is not necessarily temporary. They do not always show it, but they suffer inwardly.

The American Bekah (Rebekah) Miles from Oregon knows what that feels like. Last year, the 20-year-old was diagnosed with depression. Now, about a week ago, she had the tattoo tattooed below, which in her opinion is the best way to describe the mental illness. After sharing not only her very special tattoo, but also a very personal message on Facebook, her story is now going all over the world.

At first glance, one reads the words 'I'm fine' on Bekah's leg. Only when one looks at the tattoo from a different angle, namely from Bekah's point of view, one reads the words " Save Me " (German:" Save me "). For the young woman, this expresses exactly the big problem, which is still related to mental illness. Because people do not look at them, in many cases they do not talk about it. Which ultimately only makes things worse. But mental illness like depression should not be a taboo topic.

Bekah herself writes on her Facebook page: "Talking about this topic is incredibly hard for me because it's very hard to feel so vulnerable ... but this is a topic to talk about." Mental illnesses are something serious, but We are so neglected in our society, we care so much about our physical health, but hardly about our mental health, that's really totally wrong, you do not opt ​​for or against a mental illness, almost anyone can ever meet it in life such an important topic - why do not we talk about it? "

She also explains why her tattoo is a step in the right direction : "They (tattoos) are great topics to talk about, my tattoo forces me to talk about my problems and, at the same time, why it's so important to talk about them It would be surprising how many people you know are struggling with depression, anxiety, or other mental illnesses - maybe I'm just one person, but one person can save another ... and ultimately, that's all I want. "

Your goal has definitely reached Bekah Miles . The Facebook post with its ambiguous tattoo has been marked 'Like' almost 400, 000 times and shared 321, 000 times. Your message also seems to find many listeners. The reward for Bekah's open commitment to her depression is much positive feedback - and the comments of many people who make it clear that the 20-year-old is not alone.

(Dear mom and dad, please do not kill me over this permanent choice.) Today, I am coming out ...

Posted by Bekah Miles on Sunday, August 23, 2015


Posted by Bekah Miles on Sunday, June 16, 2013