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Brave baby loses several body parts

Taylor is a jet baby. He does not let go of missing body parts!
Photo: Terri Lewsley

Little fighter: baby must be removed several body parts

Today, Taylor is a true jet-child - even though he lacks several body parts. A few months ago, the baby was still fighting for his life.

Nearly a year ago, Terri Marshall gave birth to a healthy little boy. But at the birth of her child, the mother did not know yet, what roller coaster of feelings she was facing.

Posted by Terri Lewsley on Wednesday, February 25, 2015

Taylor is already a few months old, but Terri still wakes up at night to check on her son and make sure he's okay. Only with this knowledge can she continue to sleep relaxed. But one night, the soothing part is missing: As Terri takes her son in her arms, she immediately notices that something is wrong. Taylor is too hot and yet he is shivering. Immediately, the mother brings her feverish son to the emergency room.

Once there, the baby seems to be doing much better. But when she just wants to breathe, everything is different. Within hours, Taylor's values ​​deteriorate drastically. His mother is always at his side, she notes immediately, as his skin color changes. Her baby turns black in front of her eyes.

Its been a tough couple of days with Taylor even though he's still fighting

Posted by Marcus Lewsley on Sunday, June 28, 2015

The baby has been infected with meningococci that have triggered acute meningitis. The doctors put Taylor in an artificial coma, they can not do more for him. For his mother, weeks of anxiety begin, she is advised to call the family to say goodbye to her tiny son.

But Terri has given birth to a small fighter. After two and a half weeks of insecurity, Taylor's values ​​are improving slowly but steadily. His kidneys are still weak, the boy has to dialysis. It will soon be clear that the baby will only survive if several parts of his body are amputated. So it happens that Taylor loses some fingers, toes, and a lower leg. But he wins his life for that. The boy is getting well.

So I could not turn down. Within days my world got ...

Posted by Marcus Lewsley on Tuesday, July 14, 2015

Only a few weeks have passed since then. Taylor is celebrated as a hero. Although the illness still affects him, the little boy does not let himself get beaten down. Not long ago, neither doctors thought he was surviving. But Taylor shows an impressive will to live. Through crowdfunding, the family is now trying to raise money for the treatment.

It's just about £ 8000 POUNDS thanks to a generous donation of £ 500.

Posted by Marcus Lewsley on Tuesday, July 7, 2015

That the baby lacks several parts of the body does not stop him from being happy. And indeed, the boy seems to be a true lucky child. On each of the pictures, Taylor glows happily into the camera.

Posted by Marcus Lewsley on Monday, June 8, 2015

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