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Susan Boyle wants to sing with Gaga

An explosive mix: Susan Boyle wants to sing a duet with Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga

Lady Gaga / ©

However, the Scottish singer ('Wild Horses') not only hopes for a vocal collaboration, but also fashion tips from the blond pop star, known for his offbeat stage costumes. Especially the outfits and headgear that Gaga featured in her new music video 'Telephone' 49-year-old Boyle did it. "I think Lady Gaga is a wonderful artist and totally original, I love her costumes, " she reveals in an interview with the British daily newspaper "Daily Mirror". "I would like to sing a duet with her - with her 'Telephone' hat!" In addition to a collaboration with Lady Gaga Boyle wishes a meeting with Pope Benedict XVI, who will visit their Scottish home later this year. "The Pope is a very special person and if I could sing in the Mass, then I would do it not only for him, but for all!", She explains her heart's desire. After she at the beginning of last year by the British casting show ' Britain's Got Talent 'has been successful and their debut album' I Dreamed A Dream 'has become a bestseller worldwide, the vocal wonder can now hardly wait to return to the recording studio and record its record. "I love to record, " Boyle explains her motivation. "The recording studio gives me space, it's like a bubble, there's just you, the music, and the producer and technician, that's the real craft, and that's where people hear how you really are, it's my sanctuary."

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