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Superhero of Birmingham: Spiderman supplies the homeless

Spiderman personally brings the homeless their dinner.
Photo: Screenshot / IAmBirmingham

The real spiderman

A superhero is on the streets of Birmingham. An unknown 20-year-old slips into a Spiderman costume to provide for the homeless.

After work, there is nothing better than to make yourself comfortable on the couch. Especially in the cold season, you look forward to his home. A 20-year-old from Birmingham, however, has other evening plans. When his working day ends in the bar, his night shift starts as a superhero.

Because the young man knows that not every person has a protective roof over his head. While a warm home is self-evident for one, for others it would be pure luxury. For this reason, one encounters an unusual shape on the streets of Birmingham right now. Spiderman is on his way to help those who need it most: providing the homeless with a dinner.

The 20-year-old superhero from Birmingham wants to go unnoticed. After work, he slips into a spiderman costume instead of his sweatpants and becomes a real superhero. Once or twice a week he puts in his night shift, buys in supermarkets and distributes the food to people who live on the street.

After a video of his exploits on YouTube was publicized, the 20-year-old has received many donations from people who want to support his actions. But this will not accept the spiderman of Birmingham. Instead, he tells the world to follow suit: anyone can become a superhero overnight.