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KnittingKnitting Pattern: Knitting cute pompom hat yourself

S er Bommel: Bommelm tzen not only keep you warm, but also make you in a really good mood. Here you will find this manual for self-knitting.

Acts playful and makes a good mood: our self-made Bommelm tze
Photo: Drops

That's what you need: (for a cap of about 52 to 56 cm in circumference)

  • Schachenmayr REGIA 6-ply
  • 150 g raspberry Fb 06867
  • Needle size 2.5-3 and 3-3.5, 1 pigtail needle.

That's how it works:
Stitch test: With needles 3-3.5 in a large pear pattern: 23 M and 34
Rd = 10 x 10 cm. 2 sts left (each round left) + 12 sts
Cable pattern +2 M smooth left are 5 cm wide

2 sts right, 2 sts left alternating st.

In turns, knit each round knitting, repeating the repeat.
Cap: Repeat 1st to 16th rounds.

Cast 116 sts on 4 needles of needle size 2.5-3 (29 sts per needle) and knit 4 cm in crease pattern for cuff. Continue with needle size 3- 3.5 str and 1 round with 34 increases as follows, starting each large pattem pattern with 1 st on right: * 1 st crossed left from cross str, 1 st at left, 9 m pear, 1 st M left crossed from the cross thread str, 1 st left, 4x [1 st crosswise from the cross thread str, 2 sts right], repeat from * 4x, 2 sts left, 9 m pear pattern, 2 sts left, 4x [1 sts right crossed from the transverse thread str, 2 M right] = 150 M or 6x the repeat of 25 sts of the basic pattern. Now in basic pattern 2x 1st to 16th round, 1x 17th to 27th round = 43 rounds str. After that 1x the 28th to 46th round sts, while at each repeat acceptures work as drawn = 24 sts after the 46th round of drawing. On the 47th round knit the sts as they appear and knit 12x 2 sts on the right = 12 sts. Cut the thread, pull it through the remaining 12 sts twice, then draw the sts with the thread, sew on the threads. Cap height about 23 cm. Make a pompon with a diameter of about 10 cm and sew it over the gathered M on the cap

And here you can download the manual.

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