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Knitting instructionsKnitting instructions for a cuddly toy snake

Snakes are not cuddly? Yes, they are! You can easily knit this friendly snake yourself and make yourself or others happy.

So just knit this stuffed animal snake
Photo: deco & style

That's really a fancy cuddly toy! If you want to use it as a stuffed animal at all? Because you can also put the snake in front of your door or window and use it as a train stopper!

But the cuddly reptile feels most comfortable in the arms of a child.

According to our knitting instructions, the snake gets a length of about 3 meters (so it's a bit too long for a pull stop, if you follow the instructions) and a diameter of 15 centimeters. Of course, you can vary in length as you like.

You need that

  • "Lei" by Lana Grossa (100% merino wool): approx. 350 g in light gray mottled (Fb. 31), approx. 150 g each in antique violet (Fb. 40) and green / yellow mottled (Fb. 4), approx. 100 g each in turquoise blue (size 28), mottled gray (size 12), orange (color 23) and pink (size 15)
  • Knitting needles and a needles game No. 8
  • a crochet hook No. 7
  • about 750 g of filling cotton
  • 2 animal eyes in light green, Ø approx. 23 mm

And this is how it's done:


Smooth right: In rounds (R) knit all sts (M) to the right (right), knit in rows (R), draw right sts, reverse sts.

Strip sequence: * 16 Rd antique violet, 20 Rd green / yellow mottled, 12 Rd mottled gray, 18 Rd light mottled gray, 6 Rd turquoise blue, 16 Rd orange, 8 Rd antique violet, 20 Rd green / yellow melled, 8 Rd turquoise blue, 24 Rd light gray mottled, 16 Rd pink, 4 Rd turquoise blue, 8 Rd orange, 8 Rd pink, 12 Rd mottled gray = 196 Rd, repeat from * 1 x, end with 20 Rd anti-violet = 412 Rd total

Knitting tension:

10.5 M and 16.5 R on the right knitted with needles No. 8 = 10 x 10 cm


Knit the snake as a tube in Rd. Cast on 8 sts in needles 8 in light gray, hanging the initial thread. Close sts at M and spread evenly on 4 needles - 2 sts per needle. Knit plain right in round, marking the beginning of the round.

When piece measures 2 sts, inc 1 st from beg of thread, = 12 sts.
3rd - 7th rounds: Knit without sts for 12 sts each.
At the end of every 8th round inc 1 st after every 3rd st in the cross thread = 16 sts.
9th - 13th rounds: Knit without increments, each 16 sts.
When piece measures 14th row, after every 4th row increase 1 st in cross thread = 20 sts.
15th - 19th round: Knit without increments for 20 sts each.
At the end of every 20th round inc 1 st after every 5th round increase from cross thread = 24 sts.
21st - 25th Rd: Knit 24 yards without increasing.
When piece measures 26th round inc 1 st after every 6 sts, increase from cross thread = 28 sts.
27th - 31st round: Knit 28 yards without any increase.
When piece measures 32nd round inc 1 st after every 7 sts, increase from cross thread = 32 sts.

Then continue to knit without increasing. After 25 cm = 42 Rd continue from the stop in the strip sequence. When changing colors knot threads on the inside and let hang about 4 cm long.

After 125 cm = 206 R from stop, continue the work for the slot to fill in R. For this, share the work between the 1st and last M of the Rd. On each side of the border, inc 1 edge stitch = 34 sts. Knit in stocking st. After 50 cm = 82 R from the beginning of the slot, knit the edge stitch together with the adjacent stitch and continue the piece again in Rd over 32 sts. After another 100 cm = 166 Rd, the strip sequence is completed.

Continue to work in light gray mottled, even 5 cm = 8 round straight, then divide the M for the head and knit separately for 16 sts each. To shut down half of the M's. Continue working over the other half in R, increasing 1 edge stitch on both sides = 18 sts on both sides = 18 sts. For sts inc 1 st on both sides increase 1 st on every other row = 1 st in every 4th row = When cast off 24 sts each side cast off 1 st in both rounds, then cast off 1 st in every other row and cast off 2 times in sts 2 times. Cast off the remaining 8 sts in the following 2nd row. Put the disused 16 M back into work and finish the second half of the head in exactly the same way.

For the inner part of the mouth cast on 6 sts in light gray with needles no. 8. Knit plain in R and knit. For the form in the 3rd row cast off 2 sts on both sides, then inc 1 st in every other row and inc 1 st in every 4th row = 20 sts. After 18 cm = 30 sts Stop is reached the middle, from here finish the part against the same. Increases become decreases. After the last row bind off the sts.

Working out:

Half the inner part of the mouth and push it with the right side out into the head. Close the seam over the curves while keeping the outer head part lightly. Now stuff the snake through the knitted slot stuffed with cotton wool. Close the slit seam of the knitted tube in the mattress stitch. Sew on the corner of the mouth on both sides for approx. 5 cm each. Crochet for the tongue with the crochet hook an approx. 20 cm long chain in pink. Then return 4 cm of it with Kettmaschen crochet = 1st Part of the split tongue. For the second part, crochet another 4 cm long chain of stitches here. Then also crochet these and the rest of the long chain of mesh with Kettmaschen. Sew the tongue right in the mouth. Sew all threads carefully. Sew on eyes according to the model picture.

Click here for the free knitting pattern for the colored snake >>

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