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Knit Knitting Patterns: How to knit a beanie

Knitting your own hat: You can easily knit our beanie with a little patience and instructions.

The self-made beanie is very trendy
Photo: Schachenmayer

For about 54 to 56 cm head circumference

  • Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine Silky Soft 120,
  • 50 g ball
  • Color 00553 (cloud) 2x 50 g

1 Milward circular needles no. 3 mm and no. 3.5 mm each
Length 40 cm
1 Regia Needle Game No. 3.5 mm
1 pigtail needle

Basic pattern: 22 M and 31 Rd = 10 cm x 10 cm.
For a different mesh sample, correspondingly thicker or thinner
Use needles.

In rounds 2 sts on right, 2 sts left on sts.
Number of stitches divisible by 11. In rounds, the odd round after knitting str. Knit in stocking sts. 1x 1st to 57th round str.

Start with the circular knitting needles and switch to the needle game with the appropriate number of stitches. Cast on 112 sts with round needle size 3 mm and close to round.
In cuff pattern str. After 4 cm from placket 1 round right sts, while doing so 9 times after every 12 sts 1 st st, crosswise from the cross thread str = 121 sts.
Continue with the circular needle size 3.5 mm in the basic pattern, knit 11 times the repeat of 11 sts.
Hat tip
After 52 Rd = approx. 16.5 cm in the basic pattern, take the decreases for the top of the cap as shown in the knitting pattern.
At the 53rd round decrease 1 st or 11 sts total = 110 sts.
At 55th round dec 4 sts resp. 44 sts total = 66 sts.
At the 57th round, decrease 4 sts or 44 sts in total for each repeat = 22 sts.
Knitted 11x 2 sts on the right = 11 sts.
Cut the thread and pull it twice through the remaining sts. Then tighten the M tightly, suture threads.
Cap height about 22.5 cm.

Click here to download the pattern with knitting patterns.