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Knitting instructionsMops knit: Instructions for knitting pug

That's how easy you knit a pug! Just download the manual and go!

Cuddly soft and so cute: The Knit Pug
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Who wants a cuddly new roommate?

Knitting pattern for a knit pug

The abbreviations at a glance:

  • right: right
  • Left: Left
  • Round: round
  • str .: knit
  • MS: pattern set
  • M .: mesh
  • Nd: needle
  • initially: increase
  • U .: envelope
  • bind off: bind off
  • LL .: run length
  • continued: continuous
  • R .: row
  • initially: increase
  • Rdm .: edge stitch
  • decrease: decrease
  • over / under: cover
  • Connection: stop
  • knl .: ball
  • N .: Needle
  • U: envelope
  • Lm .: air mesh


  • "Extra Merino Big" by Schachenmeyr original (100% virgin wool): 150 g in beige mottled (Fb. 00103) and 50 g in black (Fb. 00199)
  • Knitting needles No. 5
  • 2 black buttons for the eyes
  • Knitting needle without lace
  • fiberfill

Information and sources of yarn at


Kraus ribs: knit in back and forth rows.

Knitting tension:

15 M and 28 R (= 14 ribs) = 10 x 10 cm


Back with legs, arms and head For the 1st leg cast on 14 sts in beige and knit 24 rows = 12 ribs. The M shut down. The 2nd leg work the same way. Work both legs for the trunk and knit again 24 rows = 12 ribs over every 28 sts. Cast off on both sides 1 x 18 sts on / tog = 64 sts cast off after 16 rows = 8 ribs on both sides 1 x 18 sts = 28 sts. For these shoulders knit 5 sts over these sts. Then for the head on both sides in each 2nd R 3 x 1 st as follows: At the beginning of the row knit 2 sts after the edge stitch, knit 2 sts at the row end before the edge stitch = 22 sts. After 20 R = 10 ribs head height both sides in Take off every other row 4 times 4 times 1 st, then cast off last 14 sts.


How to work the back.


Cast on 17 sts in beige and knit 18 rows = 9 ribs, then remove 3 sts 1 time on every other row.


Cast on 7 sts in black and knit 11 rows = 6 ribs, then remove 3 sts 1 time on every other row.


Cast on 17 sts in black and knit 7 rows = 4 ribs, then bind off 1 st on each side = 11 sts, cast off 1 st 2 times and 1 st 2 times in each row, then bind off 3 sts.


Sew on the muzzle in black with lock stitches on the head, slightly stuffing the part with filling cotton before the last centimeters. Embroider the beech with quilting stitching in beige, embroider the "folds" with a diagonal stitch. Sew on button nose and button eyes. Sew the front and back together, leaving the narrow sides of the arms and lower leg edges open for filling. Fill the pug with stuffing and close the four holes, tightening the thread to create a curve. Sew the ears to the oblique seam, fold it forward and do not sew the tips too tightly on the head.

Cross the arms over the front and sew them tightly with the beige wool. Embroider black claws with short elastic stitches on the paws and legs.

Fill the tail with filling cotton, roll up slightly from the top and sew to the back.

-> Click here to download the knitting instructions!

Have fun knitting!