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Knitting Tutorial: How to knit a winter triangular cloth and mittens

Knitting instructions for triangle scarf and mittens: So you have it warm in winter and look great!

Fashionable and warm: The self-made mittens and our triangular scarf can do both!
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Looking fashionable in winter and still not freezing? This is easy with this set of triangular scarf and mittens. We'll tell you how to knit the warming accessories .

That's what you need:

  • Lana Grossa Olympia Pastello 600g White / Light / Medium Dark Gray / Bleu / Light Blue

That's how it works.

FE M: Start each round with 1 st of air and close with 1 st in the 1st st from M to Rd.

Mesh Samples: Stb groups of the triangle scarf with crochet hook No. 10: 2 tr groups and 3 R = 10 x 10 cm; fe M with crochet hook No. 10: 10 M and 10 Rd = 10 x 10 cm.

Triangular scarf, 144 cm long x 70 cm high
Cast on 3 mm of air with crochet hook No. 10, close with 1 sl st in first airm to ring. 1st row: 3 spare airm (= 1st row), 1 airm, * 3 tr around the ring, 1 airm, from * 2x arb., 1 tr around the ring = 2 tr groups. Mark the middle airm as middle. 2nd row: 3 spare airm (= 1 tr), 1 airm, * 3 tr round the following air, 1 air off * 2 x arb., 3 tr in the same air, 1 tr in the top spare air 4 tr groups. Repeat the 2nd round, ie continuously for every 3 sts. (between them always 1 airm. arb.) and around the middle airm (the marked) 2 trb. Groups arb. After 70 cm = 21 R total height finish work.

Click here to download the complete manual. Have fun!

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