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Knitting pattern for a summery fringe scarf

This scarf may not be missing in summer.
Photo: Schachenmayr

Colorful companion

The lightweight summer scarf is perfect for warm summer evenings. The knitting pattern is suitable for beginners, just try it.

Size: about 11 x 180 cm (without fringes).

Material: 1 00 g Schachenmayr Batiko Sun (82% cotton, 18% polyester, LL 180 m / 100 g) in Jeans Color Fb 00080; Milward knitting needles 7 mm and 1 crochet hook No. 7.

Basic pattern: Odd M number. 1st round: K 1 st, 1 st right, knit 1 st in left side, end with 1 st on right, at the same time after every st, wrap the thread 2x around the needle, edge sts. 2. and each of the following R: Randm, knit all sts as they appear, drop the wraps of the Pre-Rs and draw the sts. At the same time after each knitted st, wrap the thread twice around the needle again.

Stitch sample: 13 sts and 7 sts in the basic pattern = 10 x 10 cm. Cast on 15 sts and knit in R in basic pattern. After approx. 180 cm from the stop, bind off all sts.

Finish: Stretch the scarf and allow to dry under damp cloths. Cut 2 threads of 30 cm each for the fringes and tie up 11 fringes evenly distributed with the crochet hook using the crochet hook on the stop and on the edge of the edge. For this, place 2 threads twice, pull with the crochet hook through the edge and thread the thread ends through the resulting loop, tighten.

The instructions as PDF for download can be found here!