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Knitting instructions for socks with pompoms

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  1. The big knick-special in the Tina
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  3. Knitting instructions for socks with pompoms

The big knick-special in the Tina

The perfect slipper: The soft wool socks you can easily knit yourself. Just follow our simple knitting instructions.

Sizes: 36/37, 38/39, 40/41 and 42/43

The data for the individual sizes are from the smallest to the largest size in succession, each separated by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.


  • Schachenmayr original Boston, 50 g each in chocolate Fb 00010 and pink Fb 00035
  • Milward Double Needles No. 7-8
  • Crochet Hook No. 7
  • Woolen needle without lace

Knitting instructions for socks with pompoms

Knitting tension:

12 M and 18 R = 10 x 10 cm.


M = mesh (s) R = row (s) Rd = round (s)

Smooth right:

Knit all sts on the right.

Stripe sequence:

Knit 2 rounds in chocolate and 2 rounds in pink alternately.

Start with the heel cup. Start of the round is in the middle of the heel, then the beginning of the round in the middle of the sole. Cast on 8 sts in chocolate (= 2 sts per needle) and knit in the stripe sequence. Inc 1 st in each of the 2nd round after the 1st st of the 1st and 3rd needle and before the last st of the 2nd and 4th needle in each 2nd round (= knit out of the cross thread), For size 38/39 and 42/43 in the following 2nd round after the 1st st on the 1st and 3rd needle increase 1 st = 24/26/28/30 sts. Knit 3 sts each. Knit the 6/7/7/8 sts of the 1st needle and the 1st sts of the 2nd needle for the loophole in the following pattern, cast off the following 10/11/12/13 sts, cast off the last sts of the 3rd needle and knit the 6/6/7/7 sts of the 4th needle. Loosely cast on the chained M in the next row and continue in stocking st.

Continue at 19 / 20.5 / 2/22 cm from the stop for the top, smooth right in chocolate. Work in the following pattern on the 1st and 3rd needle up to 3 sts in front of the needle end, knit 2 sts on the right and knit the last st on the right; On the 2nd and 4th needle, knit the 1st st on the right, take off the next st on the right, knit 1 st on the right and pull off the raised st; knit the sts in between to the right.

Repeat these steps in the following 3rd round and 2x / 2x / 3x / 3x in every 2nd round = 8/10/8/10 sts. Draw the sts with a thread.

Total foot length 23.5 / 25 / 26.5 / 27.5 cm. Knit both homesocks the same way.


Sew the stop edge flat. Crochet the loop-in hole with Krebs-M (= solid M from left to right) in pink. Make 2 pompoms each approx. 4 cm in diameter and sew one chocolate and one pink pompon at the side of each loop-in hole.

You can find the template as PDF for download here!

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