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Knitting pattern for a rhomberg sweater

This sweater is a classic that belongs in every wardrobe.
Photo: Schachenmayr

New favorite part

Made of extra fine navy wool, this rhombus pullover is the perfect companion for the summer. Just follow our simple knitting instructions.

Difficulty: medium

Size: XS / S / M / L / XL

The details of the individual sizes are separated from one another by the smallest to the largest size in different colors by slashes. If there is only one specification, this applies to all sizes.

That's what you need for the sweater:

  • Schachenmayr Merino Extrafine Silky Soft 120, 750/850 g in quince, Fb 00523.
  • From Milward Knitting Needles 4 mm
  • 1 circular needle 4 mm, 40 cm long
  • 1 pigtail or auxiliary needle
  • 1 wool embroidery needle

The complete knitting instructions for download can be found here!