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Stress Management Relaxation Music: This song calms you immediately

This relaxing music is an insider tip against stressful days. Because the song has a special story - and is an ideal relaxation technique.

Wanted relaxation music? This song helps!
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A stressful day in the office, hectic rush in the train - there is now an immediate solution. And that means headphones on, music on. And not some music, but a very special piece. "The Flight of the Condor" turns out to be perfect relaxation music!

The song was written in 1913 by Peruvian composer Daniel Alomia Robles. In 2004, it was even officially declared a national heritage of Peruvian culture. Not without reason, it is still known today. Because the melody is incredibly relaxing. This is certainly also the story of the song.

"The Flight of the Condor" tells the story of the conflicts of the miners, the condor was a symbol of freedom at that time, that's what you hear, because listening to the soothing sounds and closing your eyes, you can actually visualize nature is it the perfect relaxation music!

Robles' The Flight of the Condor is based on an eighteenth-century old folksong, whose name sounds familiar: Simon & Garfunkel released an English-language version of the song in the 1970s,

But enough of the story. We say: close your eyes and listen. Incidentally, the lower version also features super talent Leo Rojas.

This relaxing music will certainly calm you down immediately!

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