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Stéphanie from Monaco on a skiing holiday

Princess Stéphanie enjoys herself with her tits on a skiing holiday.
Photo: gettyimages

Back on the slopes!

Everything in life seems to be repeated. Anyway, Princess Stéphanie of Monaco (47) is back on the slopes.

She is currently enjoying herself with daughter Camille (14) in Auron, a noble winter sports resort in the French Maritime Alps, whom she has loved for decades.

In Auron, Stéphanie of Monaco owns an apartment. There she once had one of her jeans stores when she was still in the fashion business. And there she retired so many times, when she wanted to enjoy a few hours with a lover undisturbed.

From Camille's father, Jean-Raymond Gottlieb, she used to be professionally and privately protected on ski slopes on snowy slopes. He was considered a winter sport-loving bodyguard.

Large, well-trained, suntanned ski instructors, it was said, had always been impressed by the princess's skiing holiday .

But that is so-called "snow of yesterday". Or not? So Stéphanie is currently taking ski lessons again.

For refreshment, you can hear. She has, as photographers saw, almost everything on it, what you need to know so on the slopes .

And the ski instructors also look like they used to: big, tanned and well-trained.

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