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Mood swings: Sport and nutrition help

Lightweight endurance training provides new energy and counteracts mood swings.
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Did you know that bananas counter mood swings and soy against hot flashes? With the right diet and exercise, you can get through the menopause.

Suddenly irritable and nervous, then comes to heavy sweating, the cheeks glow. And although the exhaustion is already a permanent condition, the longed-for sleep does not want to come late at night ... Oh yes, mood swings are typical symptoms of menopause . They can already start around the age of 45 years. Two-thirds of women are affected, more or less severely affected. Is that the inevitable destiny? No. Studies show that menopausal women can actively relieve such symptoms themselves - with a little more exercise combined with a clever diet.

Sport and nutrition help against mood swings during menopause

Movement brings the lucky kick

The principle is simple: those who do more physical than before, lower stress hormones and counteract mood swings . And light sports make you happy because the organism emits messengers that lighten the mood, eg endorphins. The main thing is that you are not overwhelmed, have fun and do not create an additional stress factor.

Cycling is a great way to get used to more exercise. It trains the heart and circulation without overstraining the joints. Therefore: in good weather on the bike!

Walking also makes getting started easier, so if you're not used to sports yet. The speedy, rhythmic walking, much like cycling, is great fun in the group. Maybe one or the other friend wants to join in. Walking helps to prevent osteoporosis, as does Nordic walking and jogging.

Nordic Walking trains almost all muscles, is very good for the heart and circulation. Who a short introductory course, z. B. at the community college, has participated, can use this great sport properly.

Strength training works especially well against sleep disorders and hot flashes. This is proven by studies. Even simple training at home with light dumbbells, filled water bottles or Theraband strengthens the so-called deep muscles, prevents back pain and osteoporosis. Extra plus: Trained muscles consume more calories, even at rest - it does not increase.

The right diet balances

Especially in the so-called climacteric, the diet can alleviate physical and mental discomfort, if they are targeted. In more than 100 plants phyto-estrogens are detected. These are substances that cause similar effects in the body as the female sex hormone estrogen: "Phytos" can relieve typical menopausal symptoms. This is proven by many studies.

Hot flashes can be relieved with a wholesome diet that contains many soy products. Researchers also found out that especially the flour (eg for baking) provides valuable isoflavones. This type of phyto-estrogen can help keep your body temperature constant. Therefore, z. Tofu, the beans as a vegetable garnish and the sprouts to the salad on the menu.

Insomnia is a common problem. So-called lignans can help. Lentils provide the most of this phytochemical. Flaxseed, oatmeal, legumes and whole grain cereals are also good.

Mood swings reflect the ups and downs of the hormones that can beat the mind. Important then are B vitamins and the trace element potassium, z. In bananas and avocados. They strengthen mind and body. Walnuts are also useful as food for the nerves and brain. Extra tip: Also helpful are non-prescription plant preparations from the pharmacy (eg "Remifemin").