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Stiftung Warentest: What is the best cat food?

Even cats need a balanced diet
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33 wet food in the test

Cats are considered true foodies. But the Stiftung Warentest shows in their latest test that expensive wet food brands must not be a sign of good quality. In fact, one of the cheap brands was named test winner: "Zarte Häppchen" of the Kaufland brand K-Classic received a rating of 1.1. Here are the composition of the ingredients, as well as the recommended amount of food. Important: With 21 cents per daily ration, the cat food from Kaufland is very cheap.

In addition, the feed of Kitekat, Coshida (Lidl), Sheba, Hill 's Science Plan Adult, Good & Cheap and Purina One Adult were rated well. Other discounters such as Aldi Süd and Nord, Netto or Rewe only performed satisfactorily with the grade. Reason: Either the products contained too many or too few minerals .

Expensive is not good!

For 15 of the tested cat food Stiftung Warentest even pronounces warnings. For example, some of the expensive products such as "Beef and Chicken in Jelly" by Felix and "Terrine with Heart" by Whiskas are bad grades. Thus, the cats with this moist food of Felix take more than eight times the recommended amount of calcium and more than seven times the phosphorus daily. In the long term, this can make the four-legged sick, because too much phosphorus damages the kidneys.

Even cheat products are not uncommon in cat food. This is how Fressnapf's "Multifit Ragout" advertises rabbit meat. But in the lab, the testers could not find rabbit meat. In addition to Fressnap, eight other products flew with false declarations.

Conclusion :

You do not have to spend a lot of money to do something good for your hungry four-legged friend!