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Stone Age Diet Slim with Paleo: 2 kilos off in 7 days

The biggest diet trend in the US is called "Paleo". In 2014 this was the most googled diet term. What is behind it and how does the Paleo diet work?

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  1. The biggest misconceptions to the Paleo diet
  2. Good preparation is everything: This is the best way to start the Paleo diet
  3. This is Paleo - and not

With us the Paleo-Diet (German: "Stone Age Diet") has arrived : in the book trade, in blogs and Internet forums, fans exchange recipes and celebrate amazing diet successes. Why are so many people suddenly swearing on a diet that banishes staples like bread, pasta, milk or sugar? The answer knows Paleo blogger and book author Nico Richter ( " You just feel better! You have more energy, loses the cravings for sweets and decreases. "

Why this is so, researching US scientists such as Loren Cordain ("The Paleo Diet"): Our Stone Age ancestors and even today's indigenous peoples, who live without industrial food, are healthier and slimmer than the inhabitants of the industrialized nations, where almost daily ready meals and sweet drinks are on the table. Here, the numbers of cardiovascular diseases and diabetes are constantly increasing. The theory behind the Paleo diet: Empty carbohydrates in refined cereal products pollute the sugar metabolism and cause obesity. Milk or legumes - foods that were unknown in the Stone Age - also slow down the metabolism. If we let her go, he will jump on again and hotspot tips will be avoided. To slim quickly, you should first set consistently on Paleo . Depending on the initial weight, you loose up to 2 kilos. And if you like, just go ahead and do it.


Paleo Recipes and Tips for 30 Days: "Paleo - Power Every Day", Nico Richter and Michaela Schneider, Christian Verlag, 29, 99 Euro.

The biggest misconceptions to the Paleo diet

Paleo is a classic diet

That's not true! Paleo is a lifestyle that focuses on healthy eating. Losing weight is a great side effect, but not the main goal.

Paleo = low carb

That's not true! Leaving grain and sugar away saves a lot of carbohydrates. However, they are not prohibited at Paleo. Experts even recommend moderate amounts of sweet potatoes, bananas, fruits etc.

There is almost only meat

That's not true! Vegetables occupy the most space on the plate. Eat a large portion with each meal and add protein (about 100 g daily) and fat (about 80 g daily).

You always have to stay tuned

That's not true! Who eats 80% of the time to Paleo, can choose 20% non-Paleo food - without consequences for health and figure.

Good preparation is everything: This is the best way to start the Paleo diet

Dare 30 days

Give it a try: Avoid all foods that are not Paleo-compliant for 30 days. You will be astonished how your body changes!

The right moment

Start your Paleo diet when you are free to head for it and do not have any celebrations that could make you feel weak.

Mop out the fridge

Before you start the Paleo adventure, banish all unauthorized food from the fridge and stock, so you will not be tempted.

Sleep properly

Sleep eight hours in a really dark room. This is important for hormone production. Mobile phones, tablets and clock radios have bedroom ban.

Sport is one of them

Exercise approx. 2 to 3 times a week. For best results, best short (about 30 min.) And intense.

This is Paleo - and not

No bread, no pasta, no yogurt - ask yourself, what else can you eat? At the second glance, a lot!

These foods are ALLOWED

  • Vegetables Enjoy as many different varieties as possible in order to obtain the greatest possible variety of vital substances.
  • Fruit To lose weight, 2-3 servings of low-sugar fruits such as berries or papaya are perfectly fine.
  • Eggs Contain all important amino acids and provide vital nutrients.
  • Meat provides you with important protein. Important: choose organic quality.
  • Nuts and seeds Coconut products such as raspberry, milk or nut provide saturating fat and are a good snack as are almonds, etc.
  • Sweeteners For sweetening moderate amounts of natural sweeteners are allowed: honey, maple syrup, stevia, coconut blossom sugar and also dried fruit.
  • Olive oil, coconut oil For frying and for the cold kitchen.

These foods are NOT ALLOWED

  • Industrially manufactured foods Contain additives such as. B. flavor enhancers, hydrogenated fats.
  • Cereal products (bread, pasta, rice, muesli) These contain so-called anti-nutrients such as Gluten Gluten, which promote inflammatory reactions.
  • Sugar sugar consists of empty carbohydrates without nutritional value. Boosts blood sugar levels and puts strain on the metabolism.
  • Dairy products The protein casein, like gluten, can increase inflammatory reactions.
  • Soy and pulses Contain so-called anti-nutrients, which can promote a number of problems, including thyroid dysfunction, indigestion and hormonal imbalance.
  • Potatoes Saponins can promote micro-inflammation and strain the intestine.

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