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Storage space part 3! Last tour

Storage & Co - Creating order is not so difficult!
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Constanzes (Wohn) column

Dear fellow readers,

It is Tuesday! And as promised, today we are going on the last search for storage space & Co. If you please follow me - on the balcony, in the store room and in the office.

(Next week maybe I'll tackle LOVE!

Or does a special (living) theme burn on your soul?

Then please email me:


Either I encounter bare concrete surfaces or as second "landfill" degenerate terrains. Unfortunately, I rarely step out and admire the outdoor little room. Anyone who can call a balcony their own has one more room, I always say!

And so that we can not only enjoy the air and freedom in the summer, here are a few tips to explain the balcony / loggia to the magnetic zone even in winter :

Simply surround the cool balcony bars with the classic bast protection - you no longer feel flaunted but protected, and you can even stay in tight panties there, because nobody can see you between the legs with bars. Next, I recommend to stick felt boards (1 € / square, hardware store) on the floor. The panels have been weather resistant for over 3 years, and when worn, they are easily replaced. But by then I've run miles of strides, most of all barefoot, of course!

Personally, I have my big umbrella in dark green even in the autumn and winter spanned. I spread high lanterns on the floor and cuddle up in my 70s weatherproof leather wing chair - a sheepskin below me, a blanket on top of me. Through the nose, the cold air flows into my lungs! Yes, my loggia is a room - and crates are in a weatherproof wooden box! Nothing reminds of a raven child, more like a 4th room!

And bicycles? They can be mounted on special wall hooks if there is no 'basement. And drying racks, which used to be part of the design of the house façade, no longer block the balcony until the next change of climate.

In the summer, awnings are particularly chic, and for very small balconies and small budgets, there are umbrellas that you screwed to the grid. A wooden board - screwed to the bars - is used as a table and folded up or down as needed. Whose balcony is wearing a roof cap can even hang pictures on the wall, it will not be an original Goya! Nice, if one gets romantic on a rainstorm on his balcony and stays dry ....


The big paradise of potpourri! What I discover here: 200 plastic bags on hooks, shoes, canned food, detergents. On and under shelves, the holy mess prevails. Let us remember: what we do not see, we can feel. It is not enough for a door to obstruct the view of the lumber room!


Sort out cleaning bottles and keep to a minimum! From the paper wholesaling procure about 20 same boxes, label them by topic, so even the smallest nail can be found again and quickly the glue roll with Christmas motives.

Paint the walls for a good mood and set up the room like a small shop! You will be amazed how much you would like to enter this chamber not reluctantly! What about old socks? I discover it again and again. "Mrs. Köpp, perfect for cleaning or just to stop!" After 10 minutes, but also disappeared, because neither is stuffed nor falls the choice when brushing and polishing on the old socks. LET GO !

Cleaning should also be fun! And plug never pays! Socks are already at 1 € in discount stores! I like to remember one day when I loaded a frumpy boxroom with a small chandelier, placed these boxes in rows on the shelves and painted the wall with a plum. From then on, the door to the chamber was always open. I even recommended removing the door - doors are something that gets in our way. I personally could live in the apartment without doors! :-)


The environment is no less involved in success than a clever mind! Is there a separate office? Is it much used or little, which would decide whether the small working cabin would perhaps be converted into a guest or reading room and the laptop would also integrate into the WZ (as with me). Is the workspace an integral part of the living room with everything that goes with it? Then I propose room divider to separate the characters: open shelf cube boxes (Ikea) or screens or sideboards or tall planters - the imagination knows no bounds. And as a desk may serve no typical office table (compare open-plan office) with office chair - but a table that adapts to the private atmosphere. And healthy chairs that equally satisfy the eye and back are also available!

I think of trash cans, I think: WAY THERE! I do not want you to collect garbage - throw away what you destroy and do not store it in intermediate stations like a bucket - the trash is not far away and every walk makes you slim! Alternative: closed wooden box - as long as you only dispose of paper and banana peels!

Finally, a few quick tips for immediate implementation: Do you really need all the pens in your household? Are all still working? What about the advertising mail? If you empty your mailbox today, do not bring everything into the apartment right away: destroy unnecessary advertising, even the envelopes of your bills or love letters. Just keep what you need and do the rest right away! Otherwise, not only your eye stumbles over annoying storage mountains again!

And hereby ends our journey through the rooms. For the next week, I promise you something very special: it's probably about love! :-)

Until then, I wish you a nice and exciting week. In your life and in your home! Here's something to look:

IhreConstanze *

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