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Stars fight against breast cancer

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Provision is important! Celebs like Vanessa Hudgens, Jennifer Aniston and Alicia Keys are also of the opinion.

Stars against breast cancer
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Because these prominent ladies are involved in the fight against breast cancer.

Every year, October is marked worldwide by "Breast Cancer Awareness". With numerous events and actions this month, attention is drawn even more intensively than usual to topics such as dangers, healing, risks and precautions. And rightly so, because in 98 percent of cases, breast cancer is curable - if it is discovered early and treated.

The gallery shows stars involved in the fight against breast cancer.

And many stars like Kylie Minogue, Christina Applegate, Sheryl Crow and Anastacia are involved. These prominent ladies know what they are talking about. Because they themselves were already suffering from breast cancer and have fortunately defeated him.

In October 2012, Vanessa Hudgens, the host of the pink workout event hosted by DSW and Reebok in New York, campaigned for breast cancer. Her personal motto was "Let's Make A Change, Be The Cure".

Stars are committed to breast cancer

In 2011, Jennifer Aniston, Demi Moore and Alicia Keys were already active and joined forces for something special: they participated as producers in the film project "Five". The anthology of five short films deals with the effects of breast cancer on the lives of those affected.

In an interview on the occasion of the "Five" premiere, Jennifer once again emphasized the importance of breast cancer prevention and sets a good example. She has been a regular self-key for years and only had a mammogram made shortly before the interview, according to the actress.

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