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Strong NewsPress Photo of the Year 2019: Child crying at the US border

A crying girl is standing on the US-Mexican border. The photo of John Moore is the press photos of the year - with a strong message.

The 2019 press photo is of John Moore, showing a crying girl and her mother on the US-Mexico border.
Photo: Patrick van Katwijk / Getty Images

"Crying Girl on the Border" is the name of the press photo of the year 2019. It shows a girl crying bitterly while his mother is being searched. The two are on the US border with Mexico. A photo that shows what the policy of US President Donald Trump is doing.

Crying girl at US border: "Psychological violence"

Yanela Sanchez and her mother Sandra from Honduras have fled Guatemala and Mexico for a month to reach the US border. When they arrive at their destination on 12 June 2018, the Sandra Sanchez is searched by border officials. Her two-year-old daughter is crying before her. Photographer John Moore captured this moment with his camera. It is probably the perspective of the child that makes the picture so meaningful and real.

As part of the World Press Photo competition, US photographer John Moore has now been awarded in Amsterdam. Thus he sat down next to over 78, 000 amounts. The reasoning of the jury: "It immediately gives you so much about the story and at the same time, it has a strong connection to it, " said member Alice Martins. " This picture shows a different kind of violence that is psychological. "

Because the photo stands for Trump's migration policy, which tears thousands of families apart. Within two months, more than 2, 300 children were separated from their parents at the border. They were arrested while the children were in camps or foster homes. The measure is intended to discourage other families from crossing the US border.

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