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Sport against cancer: Disease prevention through exercise

Sport against cancer - a good precaution!
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  1. Why exercise does good
  2. Provision by cell rejuvenation
  3. How much sport is sufficient?
  4. Cancer: Prevention of relapse

Why exercise does good

One of the simplest ways to prevent cancer is sport . Numerous studies have shown that people who exercise regularly are much less likely to develop cancer than those who do not exercise enough.

Provision by cell rejuvenation

The helper T cells in the human body, ie those cells of the immune system that fight off all pathogens and also the cancer cells, age. This weakens their protective effect. However, those who regularly exercise physically, ensure that these cells are quickly replaced by new and fresh and that the protection is thus always strong and fully functional. Participants in a study by American researchers at the University Nebraska Medical Center (UNMC) that demonstrated this association had completed a sports program that combined strength and endurance training with balance exercises.

How much sport is sufficient?

Which sports reduce the risk of cancer most, is not yet clear. However, every sport is better than none. Most physicians recommend endurance or strength training, preferably both in combination. The minimum should be three times thirty minutes a week, but physicians explain that prevention increases the more often people become active. But even a quick walk 30 to 60 minutes a day helps to prevent the disease, according to the International Union Against Cancer (UICC). It is not even necessary to go full time at one go. Instead, you can, for example, get four times a quarter of an hour's exercise. And even gardening or climbing stairs in everyday life are among the preventive activities.

If you have rarely done sports and want to start regularly, you should seek the advice of your family doctor to find a suitable, individual entry. He can then complete exercises or sports recommended by him in professional courses or sports studios. Some health insurance companies even promote sports health care.

Cancer: prevention of relapse

Not only healthy people can prevent the cancer, even those who have already suffered from the disease can minimize their risk of relapse through sport. This is also due to the rejuvenation of T helper cells, as evidenced by a study in the US of cancer survivors.