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Does Anna Maria Damm play in Smaragdgr n ?

Anna Maria Damm emerald green

From the catwalk to the screen: "Germany's Next Topmodel" candidate Anna Maria announces with a meaningful Instagram photo that we will see her in the cinema soon. We speculate which movie it might be.

Anna Maria Damm at the movie
Photo: @annamariadamm on Instagram

"Germany's Next Top Model" contestant Anna Maria Damm (2013) knows how to make her fans curious. On July 30, 2014, she shared a picture via Instagarm (@annamariadamm on Instagram), on which she wears a black, historical costume. A very unusual sight, shows the 18-year-old but otherwise rather in trendy parts.

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Her commentary provides clarity - and at the same time provides grounds for further speculation: "costume sample! I can not wait ... to tell you! What do you think, what role could I play? #kinofilm "The young model in a movie? So far, Anna Maria's acting was limited to her own Youtube videos.

Your fans agree and post in the comment section: Surely this is the novel adaptation "Emerald Green". The sequel to "Rubinrot" (2013) and "Sapphire Blue" (2014) is expected to hit theaters in 2015. The template for the romantic fantasy story was written by German author Kerstin Gier. The director of the first two films was Felix Fuchssteiner. Will Anna Maria Damm really become part of the "Emerald Green" cast? We are waiting for further hints.

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