Recommended, 2022

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Mirror with modeled edge

  • 1/4 pack silicone impression kneading (eg

      from efco; Pack approx. 18 €)
    • Button with nice pattern (about 1.50 €; haberdashery)
    • Acrylic paint in violet and gray-silver (eg from Hobby Line; craft shop)
    • Mirror with wide wooden frame (about 16 Euro)
    • 1/4 packet of modeling clay (eg Flexplast from efco, craft shop, 50 g approx. 4.80 €)
    • Dough roll or substitute smooth large bottle
    • Teigrädchen with wave pattern (household goods, about 5.50 €)
    • superglue
    • thrush
    • knife

    1. Prepare the silicone impression compound according to the manufacturer's instructions and press in the button as a pattern. Approximately Let it dry for 20 minutes and push it out again.

    2. Dab the acrylic paint first in purple and then in gray-silver with the sponge on the frame and let it dry.

    3. Press modeling clay into the silicone button shape and allow to dry slightly. Remove and repeat procedure for all four corner knobs.

    4. Roll out the rest of the modeling clay 0.5 cm thick and cut with the dough wheel 4 sufficiently long strips approx. 0.5 cm wide.

    5. Cut the strips which can still be formed to the length of the four mirror sides and, as intended, place them overlapping on the edge of the mirror at the corner points. Press corners a bit flat.

    6. Stick dried strips with super glue on the edge.

    7. Stick on the modeled buttons at the corner points.