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Spectacular video: Man with head camera films childbirth

Photo: YouTube / Troy Dickerson

You have never seen such a birth video!

When his wife starts contracting, the man rushes with her to the hospital. A camera on his head captures the dramatic birth.

It's just after midnight when Kristin starts contracting . She and her husband Troy do not hesitate for long, but go immediately by car on the way to the hospital. But before it starts, the expectant father has another idea: He strapped his GoPro camera around his head and filmed the dramatic race against time.

Kristins Scheie gets louder while driving. Troy calms her and tells her to take a deep breath. But the pregnant woman does not want to know about it: "Hurry up!" she yells to her husband.

When the couple arrives at the hospital, everything happens very fast! Still in the parking lot Kristin gives birth to the baby under the supervision of doctor and nurses. The young parents are very proud and have a unique birth video that they share with the world on YouTube.

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