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Social experimentYou're beautiful! How people respond to compliments

Hardly anybody is completely satisfied with themselves. It is all the more interesting when a stranger tells us that he finds us beautiful. How do we respond to compliments? This shows this impressive video!

You are beautiful! An experiment reveals how we really respond to compliments.
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The nose too long, the butt too thick and the legs could also be a bit longer - each has its own problem areas. Some people are more self-confident than others. But once we all listen deeply into ourselves, we find in almost every one of us that small, nasty feeling that overcomes us from time to time: insecurity.

Everyone carries fears in themselves. That's normal too. But hardly a person finds himself truly beautiful. And that should definitely not be normal anymore! We are individuals. And just as individual as our appearance is our perception of beauty. Often it is precisely the supposed flaws that make us special. But to be aware of that, is a long way. The seemingly immaculate models who smile at us from giant billboards do not make it any easier for us!

How is it then, if a stranger would tell us that we are beautiful? Would the compliment help overcome our insecurity? This takes on this wonderful video .

The student Shea Glover from Chicago has portrayed strangers with the camera for a high school project. The resulting video is now known around the world. Because this was not about the photo, but rather about the reaction of the participants. When they posed insecure in front of the camera, the 18-year-old revealed her intention: "I take pictures of things that I like!"

Regardless of who is in front of the camera and what they reciprocate - they can not hide their joy. This is betrayed by the instant flash of the eyes and the reluctant smile in each person. A foreign compliment can sometimes do more than the words of a familiar.

Even if we are reluctant to accept compliments and these make us outwardly uncomfortable, they seem to arrive. The uncertainty is in each one of us - guaranteed even in the smiling promotional models, when they watch how their hips with Photoshop is suddenly conjured even narrower than it already is. This uncertainty makes us human.

Nevertheless, we can all do something to take them away by adding a little more friendliness to our everyday lives. To make a smile on someone else's face is so easy - it just needs a few nice words.