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Summer shoes 2015: sandals and sandals that you will love

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Show your feet!

The anticipation is great, because soon it is again: Her with the airy sandals and sandals! What's announced this summer? Here are four trends that will be more than just a flirtation.

Who does not know this need ?! As soon as the temperatures allow, we slip into airy parts - and on our feet too, the toes (preferably colorful) may flash. Ahh, wonderful to let your feet breathe. But of course this is only possible in everyday life with appropriate footwear. Sandals and sandals are not just the ideal companions in 2015. But this year, the labels have made them more creative than ever. Brand new in the styling range: Roman sandals.

Roman women have known it already in the Anike: Roman sandals look great in the summer. And we too are celebrating their comeback 2015 on our feet. Main thing: straps, straps, straps. It does not matter if it's three or thirty. And how do we carry the new, old acquaintances? Of course, like the women at that time knee-length dresses. But also shorts and skirts can handle these special sandals perfectly.

But others, so-called Flats, 2015 may not be missing on our feet. Profile sandals are the name of the new shoes in the shoe rack and are characteristically equipped with a thick sole. Great, not only for little women who want to cheat a bit bigger. If you like it even higher: The trendy soles are also available for sandals ...

Speaking of high: If you want to be announced in summer, at least one pair of heeled wedge sandals should own. Why? Because the 70s are currently celebrating a real revival and wedges - especially with cork or raffia wedge - just look great with flared pants and XXL sunglasses. But the wedge heels can also be combined with airy maxi dresses or midi skirts. Long live the festival look!

Still not seriously in love? At least at our fourth trend, at least all small magpies will make big eyes among us. Because on our feet it may sparkle and sparkle again this summer. In fact, very feminine, almost girlish sandals and sandals are absolutely hip again. Small pearls and gemstones, but also metallic colors shimmer with the sun in 2015 to the bet. The new shoes are combined with pastel shades and delicate nuances, like Nude.

So, and now (and thanks to the summer shoes 2015 ) we wish you the warm season IMMEDIATELY ...