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Summer Dress Summer Dress 2017: This dress from H & M now wants all women

Ahhhh, with this dress by H & M we have an absolute feel-good-feeling. But it means to be fast: online it is already sold out.

At H & M there is this beautiful dress
Photo: H & M

This H & M dress has just what we want for the summer: midi length, trendy floral pattern and beautiful flounces . It also shines in bright yellow. Especially nice: Due to the tight waist, it also forms a nice décolleté and a narrow body center. Juhuuuu, we've really found a dream dress for the summer.

The only downside: The dress by H & M Trend is already sold out in the yellow floral pattern. With around 50 euros, the beautiful summer dress is also a real bargain.

Pale blue and black are still available in different sizes. But again you should be fast. If you want the dress in yellow, you can still be lucky in the store. Small tip: In smaller shops that run H & M Trend, or in smaller cities, you sometimes have more luck.

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