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Summer Drinks 2015: Comeback of the classics

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Hugo was yesterday. Aperol Sprizz the day before yesterday. And it's Pina Colada today. It will be colorful this year. We will tell you the summer drinks 2015.

Admit - we also enjoyed the refreshing Proseccoschool Hugo on many a hot summer day. Who does not have that? The sweet aroma of the finest elderflower - combined with a touch of lime and a pinch of mint - just a poem.

But let's be honest: everything will eventually come to an end ... even the refreshing elder flower master. What can we look forward to this summer? On familiar faces and familiar drinks. Certain cocktails from the 80s celebrate their comeback, so bartender Marcel Baumann opposite the star. In plain English: alcohol, a lot of alcohol.

Fresh ingredients and juices, instead of canned fruit and juices from the pack - the big difference to the cocktails of the past decade: quality instead of quantity. This summer we mix freshly squeezed juices with high-quality, pure schnapps. And in all flavors.

Blue Curacao

The hit at every party: Blue Curacao. Do you remember your first contact with the blue-colored orange liqueur? Not? Never mind! This year you have enough time to fill your memory gaps.

Pina Colada

Shoulderpads, Donauwelle. And Pina Colada - the 80s drink par excellence. Fresh pineapple juice, coconut cream and rum - an unbeatable trio. Also tasty: the combination of fresh bananas and rum. 'Colada Feeling ... Summer Creamin' ...


It's true - we do not particularly remember the cocktail classic Hurricane. But what is not yet can still be. And that's why we give the sugar-sweet drink a second chance. Freshly squeezed lime juice, passion fruit syrup and rum - this is how we enjoy the fruity delicacy this summer.

Gin Basil Smash

Not from the 80s, but at least as popular - the Gin Basil Smash. Gin, basil, lemon juice and sugar syrup - taste can be so simple. Thank you, Jörg Meyer, for giving us this irresistible drink.

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