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Socks in sandals: is that now a trend?

Yesterday flop, today top! Socks in sandals get out of hand
Photo: Getty Images

Totally off the socks!

If you are hip, now also wear sandals and high heels ankle-high stockings. There's no excuse for cold feet ...

Can styling be sin? Not when it comes to street style stars! Socks in sandals as well as sneakers for evening dress or in jogging pants for cocktail reception - that was once completely unthinkable. But now the fashion fiascos of yesterday conquer the hearts of the stylistas.

We're experimenting: sometimes you have to risk a faux pas to find out what's cool. Untamed breaking the rules? Fun and looks super-casual!

What many still have in mind as no go is now a trend (and, by the way, a remedy for cold feet): socks in sandals . Solid-colored stockings (in shoe-style) always go, trendsetters dare to colorful patterned socks.

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