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How much does your period cost you?

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This will cost you your rule over the course of your life

About 500 times a woman gets the rule during her life. This is not only extremely annoying, but also really expensive! We reveal what sum we spent at the end for our period.

She comes every month, stays for about a week, and everyone is happy when she leaves quickly: the period . We all share a love-hate relationship with these days, somehow they are necessary (it's still unclear what will happen if the cycle lapses long-term), but honestly: we could all do without it.

This desire becomes even more urgent when we ask ourselves the following question: How much does my period cost me in the course of my life? - The answer? Make yourself ready for something!

The American Huffington Post has recalculated - and the cost of tampons, panty liners, painkillers, contraception, new underwear and - well, added - chocolate. The sum? Incredible 16, 000 euros.

The calculation is based on the following facts: The average period lasts from three to seven days - every month at the age of 13 to 51 years. This means that the average woman goes through 456 periods in 38 years, roughly 2, 280 days or 6.25 years of our lives.

Unbelievable, is not it?!

We have no problem with investing in things ... a Chanel handbag, a great holiday or a fancy runabout. But 16, 000 euros for tampons & Co.? Not so tempting.