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How To Wear Maxi Skirt In Autumn & Winter

Silky, flowing materials make the maxi skirt fall beautifully and provide a princess feeling. Attention to pleats: you wear a little.
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  1. Dress code maxi skirt
  2. Who is the maxi skirt?
  3. The basic rule for maxi skirt suits:
  4. Dos and Don'ts maxi skirt styling:
  5. Which top do I wear to the maxi skirt?
  6. Which shoe fits the maxi skirt?

Dress code maxi skirt

The floor-length maxi skirt has long since dropped its hippie image. With the right combination parts, he is both in the autumn and winter, both everyday as well as ausfahraglich.

Who is the maxi skirt?

Tall, slim women (from 1.70 m), the maxi skirt is particularly good. Small and / or rounder women can also wear the long model well, as long as they keep the proportions in mind when styling .

The basic rule for maxi skirt suits:

Since the long maxi skirt can lightly "slay" small women visually, always and necessarily emphasize the waist! So choose figure-fitting tops and put them in the waistband. High shoes or models with platform sole stretch in addition.

Dos and Don'ts maxi skirt styling:

Narrow tops and tops with print or in bright colors are ideal, because they stand out in terms of cut and color from the wide rock model. In this way they proportion the body. Better not: Rough, bulky or stiff materials like knit, neoprene or quilting are not good combi-partners for the flowing maxi skirt.

Which top do I wear to the maxi skirt?

Printshirt by Cos, ca. 70 Euro. Fine knit sweater from Montego on, about 30 euros. White blouse from Esprit, about 40 euros.

Tops with colorful prints make sure that you can not overlook the transition from top to skirt - and therefore not the waist. Fine, close-fitting wool sweaters equip the maxi skirt also for colder days in autumn and winter and can be well put into the waistband. Classic blouses are the wild card for all maxi skirt outfits. Put in the waistband and a little unbuttoned extend the upper body - great for smaller women.

Which shoe fits the maxi skirt?

High-top sneakers from Converse, about 100 euros. Sandals from Asos, about 60 euros. Mary-Janes from Boden, about 150 euros. Booties of s.Oliver, about 70 euros.

As a break in style to the chic of the skirt, high-top sneakers are recommended. The high sneakers also stand out under long models and set a contrast with exclamation points. Who wants to fully exploit the princess-feeling, resorted to filigree sandals. The delicate shoes put the foot in the center and underline the elegance of the maxi skirt. If shoes are not to be hidden under the long skirt, they have to play forward, for example through metallic effects . The noble shimmer fits great with the chic look of the skirt. Plateau booties bring us great - perfect when the maxi skirt is a bit too big. On top of that, they provide a pinch of casualness in otherwise so elegant styling.

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