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How To Wear Pencil Skirt With Plus Size Curves

Photo: Lisa Mosh

Nice outfit with a pencil skirt

A Pencil Skirt is just for slender women? No way! For even girls with female curves look really stylish just great in it. That's how it works...

Pencil skirts are seen in many variations. Classic in the office in a black and white combo, casual in jersey fabric and a light oversize pullover or as a chic evening look in leather for the next cocktail party. Everyone has something for themselves. BUT: For plus-size women maybe not the lightest skirt.

And so the Pencil Skirt is combined:

I opted for a casual look with a casual print that could be worn for dinner. The skirt is a bit older and from H & M. But pencil skirts with floral prints can be found everywhere now. To show you the print I decided to just plug in the top. However, to conceal my back view I wore a light black kimono (also from H & M).

My tip: If you want to wear it a bit looser, you can combine the look with sandals instead of heels. I have left out some accessories. To be honest: I'm not the guy who clings too much to chains and the like. Just gave me the beautiful flower prints. I hope you like the outfit!

More tips from Lisa Mosh for plus-size women can be found on her personal style blog

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