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This is how women from the age of 40 should take precautions

We can influence our biological age
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  1. Women over 40 should pay particular attention to themselves
  2. Sports from 40
  3. Women age differently than men
  4. Healthy eating
  5. prevention

Women over 40 should pay particular attention to themselves

From the age of 40, every woman realizes that her body is changing. Suddenly the trousers pinch at the stomach, small caloric sins immediately seem unforgivable, the skin goes limp, and somehow there is a total lack of vigor. Luckily we can do something about it.

Starting at 40, it takes a lot of revenge when we paid less attention to our good nutrition at a young age. But it is not too late to take good care of us. The metabolism is slower from 40 and less calories are consumed. Women who do not want to increase should therefore necessarily integrate regular sports into their lives.

Sports from 40

Twice a week, if possible, do a strength workout that consists of ten to twelve exercises and is selected to cover the entire body. The time required is low, but training is exhausting. To build or strengthen muscles, you have to be extremely demanding. This means: you have to train to the muscular exhaustion!

If you'd rather go to the gym, it's best to get a workout plan from an expert and explain exactly what equipment and what weights are best for you. Ideal is a mix of power machines, cable pulls, dumbbells and pure gymnastics (eg sit-ups, pushups). Warm up on the stepper, treadmill, or bike for 10 minutes prior to muscle training.

If you prefer to go to the pool, you can also attend an aqua gym class. The very different exercises in the water, sometimes with pool noodles or other equipment, strengthen the entire musculature. This training is less strenuous and particularly gentle on the joints.

Women age differently than men

Women suffer from autoimmune diseases more often than men. In addition, they get due to the hormone changes during menopause more often rheumatism and osteoporosis, and the risk of diabetes increases. Not only sport provides, also a healthy diet is particularly important from the age of 40 years.

Healthy eating

Fruits, vegetables, legumes, whole grain cereals, and lettuce are the best thing you can eat right now. In addition to the important vitamins, minerals and trace elements, they also contain phytochemicals, which every body cell needs to maintain its function and protect it from premature aging. Instead of garnish vegetables and salad should be the main meal.

It is ideal to drink at least two liters throughout the day: water, juice spritzer, teas without sugar.


But despite the best nutrition and plenty of sports, we are not protected from diseases. Women over 40 years old should go to the doctor regularly, so that diseases can be detected at an early stage and can be cured. Breast cancer screening is especially important for women over the age of 40! Every two years, you should have a mammogram done.

Even if we have to pay more attention to ourselves at a certain age, it is not too late to live healthily and to change our biological age a bit.