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This is what an office looks like without furniture

Sit ad ! In the future office, futuristic rock landscapes serve as work surfaces.
Photo: Jan Kempenaers for RAAAF

Designers from the Netherlands design an office without chairs

Backache by sitting in the office for a long time? That was once! The workplace of tomorrow does not require any chairs or tables.

Back pain has become the number one disease in Germany and is the most common cause of sick leave. Especially working people who sit in the office from morning to night at the desk, can sing a song of it. But at least for her, hope is approaching:

A design and architecture studio from the Netherlands presented the office of the future in Amsterdam. And there you look for furniture and other furnishings in vain. Instead, there is only one oversized climbing rock. "The End of Sitting" is the name of the project.

Office chairs and desks are replaced by angled surfaces at different heights. In the office of tomorrow, the employees should not sit down at tables, but try different standing positions.

The makers speak of an experimental work environment . Of course, sitting is still possible on the gray rocks. But the creative Dutch want to encourage all suffering from back problems plagued people to lean on a slope or to take a reclining position.