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So a hair tie can ruin your whole outfit

In the morning, quickly tie the hair together when showering, then open again and the hair elastic on the wrist. It stays that way until I realize at some point in the office that something is pulling on my wrist.

Photo: A hair tie on the wrist: not at all chic!
  1. Absolute no-go
  2. And now?
  3. This hair tie is especially in now

Stupid, because this little carelessness can turn any outfit from stylish to careless. At least that's what stylist Charles Manning thinks . In his article on , the self-proclaimed hair-hater explains what he finds so bad about the rubber on his wrist.

Absolute no-go

"A hair tie is not a bracelet, so what's up on your wrist?" Says the US stylist. Any woman who does not keep thinking about her outfit will surely go to the barricades now. Manning is aware of that. But he just does not care. His absolute styling no-go is and remains the hair tie on the wrist.

The reason: you just see it. This little black line on the wrist that attracts so much attention. It is incomprehensible to Manning that a woman thinks about her outfit, but takes care of this little detail. The stylist will find quite a few other reasons why hair elastics have nothing to do on the wrist. The red welts, disturbed blood circulation ...

And now?

Whether you really take the Hair Gavel Hate article seriously is up to you, of course. A spark of truth is already there. If I'm really chic and then emblazoned the hair elastic on my wrist, I'll let it disappear as quickly as possible in my pocket . Nevertheless, a forgotten hair tie on the wrist is certainly not the fashion capital punishment!

This hair tie is especially in now

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