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So you have never seen the Adilette!

The Adilette is totally hip again
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She is the classic among the pines. You've never seen Adilette like that before.

The Adilette is the classic among flip-flops . And that, although the shoe is already a few years old. But the cult shoe always reinvents itself. You've never seen Adilette like this before!

Adilettes always remind me of my dad. Because the Adilette was his faithful companion. On the beach, in the sauna or in the pool: the cult lug was always there. Of course, then still in the blue-white original design.

In the old days, Adilette was always described as a bit prudish . White undershirt, shorts and Adiletten : the typical picture of the German tourist. But for a few years, the flip-flops are totally in. Thanks to a few fashion bloggers who have spread the shoe in social networks, the Adilette is back in fashion.

Fittingly, Adidas has developed some really nice designs. Among other things, the wooden Adilette . It does not look really comfortable, but makes a lot of visuals. More favorites can be found below!

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