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So you find the best jeans for you

Found the favorite jeans? Hopefully it will last forever!
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  1. Slim, long and court the curves: the perfect jeans!
  2. Where can I find the best jeans for me?
  3. The perfect jeans: that depends on the fit

Slim, long and court the curves: the perfect jeans!

We regularly despair in front of our wardrobe: 20 pairs of jeans, but only two of them wearable. A story about the eternal search for 100 percent - and how we can FINALLY find the dream denim.

A dress that would look a lot more beautiful a few inches longer or shorter, a jacket that I really only want to wear open, or a pair of shoes that looks great but, frankly, does not fit well. Often enough, I was satisfied with shopping with 90 percent. There is only one thing I can not go through with my jeans. Because there can be ten missing percent WORLDS.

I own about 18 pairs of 90 percent jeans. All bought in the hopeful illusion that they would be like one of my 100-percent jeans. Of which I own two pieces. My heart pieces. I'm about to give them names because I love them so much. They sit like a second skin and light up every morning that my heart may leap. Dark blue and roaring. Conjure an apple cup. This combination is UNIQUE.

I never give up hope: that we will soon be able to grow, my two 100-percent jeans and me. Until then, the candidate casting (tips below) will continue - also fun. And sometimes, very rarely, there is love at second glance. There is still hope for 18 jeans in my wardrobe.

Where can I find the best jeans for me?

Which jeans are right for me? Sorry, but that's the name: Try on, test and evaluate! After all, each label tailors its jeans a little differently. But whoever persists and carries a diligent sample will be rewarded - and with great trousers! Of course, we still have a few shopping tips and denim brands that you should not miss in your jeans search. So from the beginning of August, C & A will be offering a denim line with a very special certificate - that of Alvanon. The New York-based company is the market-leading expert in clothing sizes, using a special 3-D bodyscan technique to find perfect fits (customers include: Prada, J.Crew, Ralph Lauren, Gap, ...)! C & A also tested 30, 000 women with Alvanon for two years - with the jeans collection as a result!

Going for the perfect jeans is also worth a visit to Levi's: the denim cult brand launches a new jeans collection in late summer - inspired by the Lot 701, the world's first women's bluejeans. The new Lot 700 jeans collection (pictured above) builds on the label's preferred fits, styles and details - combining it with slimming, stretch and recovery technologies. In addition, the well-tried numbering system, which has always been successful with men, finally comes in women's jeans used. Means: Who has once found his perfect model, remembers the number and can let off steam and wash in color from now on.

Stop trying it on! And still no jeans found? Custom made jeans fit guaranteed like a glove. You can z. For example, tailor yourself to self-motivation. By Internet instructions simply measure the body, after ten days, the pants are already there. Cost of a pair of pants: about 190 euros.

The perfect jeans: that depends on the fit

1. The devil is in the detail: striking buttocks patches emphasize the bottom. The bigger it is, the more subtle the decoration should be.

2. Everyone loves the tube ... BUT: It's nothing at wide hips and a long torso.

3. Dark washes make you leaner. Always!

4. Frippery like "used" optics (worn spots) is only chic if the eye-catchers are not on the problem areas.

5. Small back pockets make the bottom look bigger, big pockets cheat a few grams away.

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