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It's so easy to knit a stole yourself

We are in love with the filigree, cuddly triangle scarf
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Playful stole

Stolas may seem a bit dusty at first glance, but the second is the perfect companion for balmy summer nights.

Size: 200 x 80 cm


  • Schachenmayr Catania, 400 g cinnamon Fb 00383
  • 1 Milward crochet hook 3.5 mm
  • Wool embroidery needle without lace

Diamond pattern:

Starting at the top of the cloth and according to the crochet script the 1.-15. Crochet row. Then begin the rows with the stitches before the repeat, repeat the gray pattern for repeat pattern and according to the increasing stitch count as many times as necessary, finish the rows with the stitches after repeat. The 1st-15th Work once, then repeat the 8th-15th series.

Knitting tension:

20 stitches and 9.5 rows = 10 x 10 cm, crocheted in diamond pattern.

Knitting instructions for a stole

With the 3.5 mm needle, make the first air stitch, work 4 air stitches. Turn the work and crochet 2 sticks and 1 double stick into the first air stitch. Now according to crochet the 2.-15. Crochet the row and then the 8th-15th. Repeat row 7.5 times = 75 rows. The 76th row = last row according to crochet work.


Sew the threads. Stretch the shawl and allow to dry under damp cloths. For the fringe, cut 312 threads of 30 cm in length and knit a fringe with 4 threads in each 2nd row = 39 fringes on each side.

The knitting instructions for the stole can be downloaded here.

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