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Pearls have never been so cool!

Gold colored hair clip with two large faux pearls. From, about 12 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

So casually loses the pearl her "tantiges" image

We can not get enough of pearls right now. No wonder, the pearl is now as cool as never! Whether as jewelry, on clothes or accessories. Here: How to wear the trend - and how not.

Pearls are experiencing a huge comeback! But beware: Wrong combined you can still seem stuffy. To tackle it with bare skin and extra-feminine styling (Pencil Skirt) is not a good idea. Better: control with masculine parts . T-shirt, suit and a funny (!) Chain to - perfect style break!

Pearls are more often than not alone. Means: earrings or earrings adorn us with a double pearl, like in different sizes. Colliers are now waiting with extra large XL beads on and on blouses, shirts, jeans & Co., the pearl is in multiple design again. Such an eye-catcher looks especially nice to otherwise rather pure, plain-colored tops.

The image of the pearl in this trend is also refreshed by the mix with rhinestones. Because they accentuate the classics modern and glamorous. And those who can not get enough of pearls can decorate their ears, fingers and more at the same time. For sure: Pearls leave the big stage, the rest of the look holds back discreetly.