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Single earring: The 80s jewelry is back!

Opposites attract - and so do us! Earring pair with chain pendant and plug. From Asos, about 12 euros.
Photo: Manufacturer

Single earrings and mixed doubles conquer the ear

Earrings are always worn as a couple? Not only! Because the coolest jewelry statement of the season are unequal duos - or a single earring!

It is always said that opposites make our life interesting. That this wisdom is indeed true, now shows a new trend jewelry: From now on you wear namely two different earrings as a pair or quite deliberately just a statement earring . How does that look? Really good!

The new trend parts are anything but synchronous. On the contrary: the more different the pieces, the greater the effect! Unequal pairs and single earrings put the ear, because the one is usually so beautiful long, even the neck in scene. The contrasting pieces of jewelry bring suspense in every styling and have every 80's muff filed.

Best example? The Berlin designer Malaika Raiss. In her Fall / Winter 2015 collection, she is also traveling in solo jewelery when it comes to earrings. Her 6 cm long earring with carnation pendant comes in the package with a small, simple Creole and is already the darling of all fashion bloggers.

Specially decorated on one side with an artful pendant: The Earring Set "Carnation Army" made of 23ct gold-plated brass from Malaikaraiss. Price: about 100 euros. Photo: Cathleen Wolf

When styling you should do without scarves, scarves and eye-catching chains - this distracts only unnecessary. Also applies: With short hair or a braid, unique pieces and unequal earrings are even more effective.

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