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She posts a picture with her mother - and thrills millions of people

What this girl with a picture of herself and her mother triggered, she probably would not have expected.
Photo: shaylybri / imgur

Mother and daughter at 25

A simple picture of mother and daughter on the Internet inspires just millions of people worldwide. If you see the photo, you know at first glance why!

The apple does not fall far from the stem. This saying was probably never more appropriate. A young woman posted a photo on the internet showing her and her mother. This image has now become viral within a very short time - for a good reason.

Twenty-five-year-old Reddit user shaylybri shares an up-to-date picture - alongside a picture of her mother of the same age. Nothing special, one may think first. But then you have not looked at the picture yet. Because such a similarity is rarely seen.

Mother and daughter actually look like twins. Of course, you will notice the same style of clothing at first - brown turtleneck and eyeglass shape look very similar. But that's not all. If you look closer, you notice that the mouth and nose are exactly the same on both photos! Only the style of hair has changed over time. The similarity is amazing. The image of mother and daughter now thrills millions of people worldwide.

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