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Side-Butt: The new nude dresses of the stars

Rita Ora at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party - but for the actual award the singer wore a little more material.
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Now skin is shown

New Cutout Trend: Stars like Heidi Klum and Rita Ora are now discovering a new body part that will be staged sexily from now on - leaving little room for speculation.

That stars like to show a lot of skin on the red carpet is nothing new. Override the competition, always keep in conversation with the media - there are many reasons why prominent ladies grab the bag of tricks and drop some of their covers. After cutouts on the cleavage or on the legs, a new fashion trend has been on everyone's lips since the last Oscar ceremony at the latest: the side-butt .

What exactly is that? Dresses with side-butt are creations that give us lateral insights - and let the buttocks shine a little. The - say - "exciting" on these dresses: they are worn without underwear. No panties or bra should disturb the free look on the skin.

The new nude dresses are not suitable for everyday use - and even on the red carpet with the stars, they seem almost too daring. Does anyone have to know that Heidi Klum did not wear a slip at the Vanity Fair Oscar Party ?! Your Vito has certainly liked it - we, however, have asked ourselves if the "model mom" really needs it ...

In addition to her colleague, model and actress Irina Shayk also did not miss to appear at the trendy Vanity Fair party in a side-butt dress. And here, too, there was no speculation as to what was really worn underneath. The good sound of these clothes is just the motto: less is more - or just less ... well, no matter ...

Gigi Hadid (also invited guest of the same event) actually wore a side-butt dress - what a surprise! However, this did not seem to be an invitation criterion from the host. Whether the ladies have probably exchanged this evening, what pitfalls and privileges have their clothes?

We wonder how far women still want to go to get attention. Is it really sexy to show more and more skin and to keep less and less secrets ?! After all, sexiness and sensuality have something to do with not betraying everything. Our conclusion: Side-butt, especially without Schl├╝bber, does not have to be - even if one belongs to the rich and beautiful ...