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To become self-employed in the fashion industry

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Information about self-employment in the fashion industry

The fashion industry is a hugely diverse field of work that requires all sorts of skills and abilities. Models with charisma and running experience, designers, tailors, correspondents, critics - this is just a small overview of the job profiles that you can take in the fashion world. No wonder that many have the desire to gain a foothold in the industry and turn their hobby into a career. It should be remembered, however, that the industry is highly competitive. Those who do not approach the matter with 100% commitment and will have already lost from the start.

The dream of your own fashion label

Many fashion-savvy people have acquired a knowledge of and about designs, materials, styles, colors, and patterns over the years. The feeling that it is actually as good as well-known designers encourages many to put their wish into action and become self-employed in the fashion industry. In general, nothing speaks against taking the step, if you follow some tips, so you do not sometime annoyed the towel throws.

  • To dampen expectations: Even if one considers oneself to be exceedingly talented, the way into the industry is rocky and hard. It is essential to be patient and to accept setbacks. Accordingly, one should be aware in advance that it can take months and years to get the first revenue.
  • Be prepared to learn: readiness for lifelong learning is important in any industry. Even people with decades of work experience should be aware that they are not perfect, and that in addition to their usual and successful approach to things, there are other ways to solve them. So you should never lean back and muster the basic willingness to leave familiar paths.
  • Networks: Man is not a loner; this applies in private as well as in professional life. Interacting with others, getting feedback - both positive and negative -, attending events and fairs, talking to each other - all this is essential to let potentially interested people know about their own activities.
  • Social networks and your own website: Closely related to the last point is your own online presence. Facebook, Twitter, an own homepage with product information, blog contributions and a feedback possibility for customers are indispensable, in order to be able to exist on the market in the today's time.
  • Ordinary accounting: Self-employed people still have to deal with papers, regulations and invoices more often than employees. It is important to read the topic and not to take it lightly. Here it should be made clear that nowadays a considerable workload through software is possible. Electronic accounting takes the self-employed many steps and saves valuable time, whether it is accounting, tax returns, order processing or otherwise. In most cases, such software is easy to use and represents the much cheaper alternative to an accountant or a tax adviser. Software solutions for the self-employed, the medium-sized or large business, there are, for example, Lexware -> directly to the shop.

The most important tip, however, is to approach the matter with passion and optimism. If you lose your fun at work, you will not succeed in the long run.