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Sweet video: Baby laughs about dandelions

Dad and baby are laughing at everyone!
Photo: Screenshot / Tom Fletcher

Father & Son: Dandelions can be so funny

Attention, this laugh is contagious! Baby and father giggle in sweet video to themselves, as they discover a dandelion and do not get any more!

"That's why being a dad is so fantastic."

With these words, Tom Fletcher, member of the British band McFly, describes his sweet video showing him on his back with his baby. And in the first ten seconds, it becomes clear: dad and son are really a true dream team and obviously both have their fun.

What makes little Buzz laugh? It's the little first times that are so wonderful for kids, as well as watching parents. Fletcher's son Buzz is discovering nature. His father shows the baby a dandelion, whereupon this starts to laugh heartily!

Daddy is a true hero, the little one seems to think, he can even blow flowers away! Father and child are so happy in the camera, which also opens the audience's heart. It does not always take big things, sometimes it's just the small natural wonders that can delight us.

There are many dandelions in the world and hopefully the baby will be laughed countless times. His father is infected with the giggling child and so is the happiness of the small family in the sugar sweet video clearly felt!

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