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Sweet girl sings with father "Frozen" song

Photo: YouTube / Nina Williams Cecilia Moyer

This duet is hit suspicious!

This man gives his daughter a very special joy: He sings a song from her favorite movie with her. And that can really be heard!

With his great songs, the Disney movie " The Frozen " kicked off a veritable trend. Countless videos on the Internet show children and adults singing the pieces full of fervor or at least moving their lips to the vocals.

These two tops, however, everything: with her daddy this cute mouse sings the song " Love is an Open Door ", which means in the German variant "love opens door". As perfectly rehearsed, they sing in different roles, sometimes in turns, sometimes together and even make the appropriate gestures.

The five-year-old daughter is wholeheartedly involved and can not get out of the radiance. When the song finally comes to an end, she can not wait to watch the mother-filmed video .

Totally sweet: Again, father and daughter sing together.