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Napkins fold Bestecktasche - an all-round talent

Napkins fold: bag
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Step by step instructions

A folded cutlery bag is a real eye-catcher. Practical and nice. Our step by step guide will show you how easy they fold the napkins.

If you think napkins are old-fashioned, you're wrong. Nicely folded napkins adorn every blackboard. We will explain step by step how to fold napkins . Lily, elegant screw and water lily are not just for the eye.

After the first attempts, napkins will fold a breeze. Fold it!

Instructions: fold cutlery bag

The cutlery bag is an absolute all-rounder. Where to cutlery? - does not stand anymore. Here find fork, spoon, knife enough space. The right choice for every style and occasion .

Cloth napkin (square), spray starch, iron

1. Spread the napkin well spread with spray starch and iron smoothly. Then fold in half, creating a rectangle.

2. Halve the napkin again. All open pages are pointing upwards.

3. Fold the upper leaf diagonally four times towards the middle, with the fourth fracture forming exactly the main diagonal.

4. Fold the second sheet from top three times. The lower edge of the strip is on the main diagonal.

5. Break the third sheet from the top over the edge of the second tape and insert it under the first folded tape.

6. Turn the napkin and fold the left and right edges until they hit the diagonal. This creates a dragon form.

7. Place the napkin on the place setting and insert the cutlery.

Tip: After each folding fix the kinks with the iron.