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Serum in the test

Editorial test serum

Perfect skin, an even complexion and refined pores: a serum can be a real all-rounder. But what do the liquid power packages really do?

Serum in the test
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  1. "Highly concentrated serum perfected skin" by L'Oréal Paris in the test
  2. "Double Serum" by Clarins in the test
  3. "Intense Moisture Serum" by Rituals in the test
  4. "Instant Facelift Serum" by Monteil in the test
We did the test and present the results here.

Wash, cream, apply make-up - for a long time this was our usual morning run in the bathroom. But in recent years, a new all-rounder stole in between: the serum. It is applied as a care after cleansing the face, in front of the face cream. We wanted to know: Is it really worthwhile to add this additional care step, apart from the fact that we like to treat ourselves to that little bit of extra luxury?

Serum test: Four products in the

So much is already betrayed in advance: We are now all become a serum fan, for different reasons. On the following pages, you can read which product works well under the CC Cream, which serum wrinkles wrinkles on our faces, and which makes the skin feel soft and supple even after hours.

"Highly concentrated serum perfected skin" by L'Oréal Paris in the test

Visible pores, reddened skin and sometimes even a pale complexion - my face makes me one or the other time pretty problems. That's why I'm always happy about new products that promise me relief. My newest test object is called "Highly concentrated serum Perfect Skin", comes from L'Oréal Paris and belongs to the care series "Skin Perfection".

It should refine the skin and pores and provide a radiant and even complexion - well, that sounds good! Outwardly, it makes a lot of ago, because it hides in a glass bottle with white-pink dip-dye-course. The whitish serum comes in a pump dispenser therefore, due to the consistency somewhere between ampoule and face cream and is pleasantly odorless.

The immediate effect is great: the redness that I almost always have on my face after washing disappears as if by magic shortly after applying the serum. My skin is silky soft and refreshed. Goodbye tension. Even during the day, my skin feels as if it is supplied with sufficient moisture. And that, although I do without additional facial care and apply directly after the serum of my CC Cream.

Instantly soothed skin thanks to serum

Responsible for the soothing effect is an active ingredient from the bark of the tree Eperua Falcata, which has anti-inflammatory and calming effects thanks to its high flavonoid content. For me it seems to be fully effective. The second important ingredient of the serum is an oligosaccharide extract, a pore-refining agent from the green lens. In the long term, it should ensure a better appearance of your skin, even if you no longer use the serum daily. For me, however, I could only partially determine this long-term effect. My pores looked only minimally refined after three weeks of daily use.

My conclusion: "Highly concentrated serum Perfect Skin" from the series "Skin Perfection" by L'Oréal Paris did not really work against my enlarged pores, but it convinced me in daily use. Redness disappears in seconds, the skin radiates, looks fresh and feels like a paw. With 16 euros for 30 ml, it is absolutely in the price range for a serum.

Text: Martha Singbartl

"Double Serum" by Clarins in the test

An even radiant complexion, I wish every morning when looking in the mirror. My expectations for the "Double Serum" by Clarins, which I have been testing for several weeks now, are correspondingly high.

Clarins launched the first two-phase serum to re-activate the five vital signs as early as 1985. With the advanced version of the serum I spoil my skin as recommended in the morning and in the evening after cleansing and before applying the day or night care. The serum is separated into two phases - a water and an oil phase. The dual-compartment bottle allows water-soluble and oil-soluble active ingredients to be combined without the risk of incompatibility or instability without the use of emulsifiers.

Press twice on the pump dispenser, mix the two phases in the palm of your hand and off you go. The "Double Serum" has a liquid consistency, can be easily applied to the skin and absorbs quickly. On the skin, the anti-aging concentrate feels pleasantly light. I particularly like the fruity-floral scent.

Serum smells pleasant

First good sign: My sensitive skin does not react negatively or irritated to the serum. On the contrary, she feels really relaxed, well-groomed and tender. According to the manufacturer, this is ensured by nourishing and moisturizing ingredients such as the katafray extract, the hyaluronic acid complex, perilla and macadamia oil, as well as extracts of quinoa, green tea, beach pine, green banana, thyme and bocoa. In terms of pore refining, I have yet to find any serious differences.

My conclusion: I do not feel ten years younger when looking in the mirror in the morning, but the "Double Serum" from Clarins gives me and my skin a good feeling. That's why the additional pampering in the morning and in the evening is now part of the nurturing ritual. The 30 ml bottle costs 75 euros and is therefore not really a bargain. Since the concentrate is used sparingly and I feel good in my skin, I indulge in the luxury of a good conscience now and then.

Text: Dorothee Seubert

"Intense Moisture Serum" by Rituals in the test

From the rain to the eaves: When winter is over and the cold is over, my skin is already facing the next challenge. Because even sun can dry out the skin. To keep my skin hydrated all year round, I test Rituals' Intense Moisture Serum.

The serum is rich in hyaluronic acid and blue-ginger extract to restore the skin's natural moisture balance. I apply the transparent cream to the cleansed skin in the evening. Thanks to the pump dispenser, it can be optimally dosed. Pumping once is enough to cream the entire face.

Serum Test: Cool and refreshing

On the skin, the serum already leaves on the massage a wonderfully cool feeling and a light fresh scent, which is not particularly intrusive. My skin feels well groomed and supple even hours after use.

With € 28.50 for 30 ml, the serum is one of the more expensive facial care products in my bathroom. Compared to other serums, I find the price but absolutely fine.

My conclusion: The "Intense Moisture Serum" by Rituals is uncomplicated to use and nourishes my skin perfectly. The only point of criticism: Before I can apply as recommended on the pack, a night cream, I have to wait until the serum is absorbed. It only takes about three minutes. Since everything has to go as fast as possible for me in the bathroom, she could still move in a bit faster.

Text: Anika Baldzun

"Instant Facelift Serum" by Monteil in the test

The elasticity of the skin decreases from the middle of the 20th, so it's important to take extra care to keep the skin as smooth as a baby's bottom for as long as possible. So far I've been spared wrinkles of all kinds, but prevention - or better pre-lubricating - is the mother of anti-aging.

It should help me the "Instant Facelift Serum" by Monteil. The milky serum can be dispensed sparingly with the pipette: there are no blobs! Thanks to its light consistency it absorbs quickly and leaves a pleasant feeling on the skin. The package guide recommends that you relax my facial muscles while the serum is feeding.

After just a few minutes, the tightening effect should last for several hours. After exposure, my skin feels at least a little puffed up and pumped full of moisture. Besides, she definitely looks smoother.

Serum is free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones

Responsible for the firming effect are two natural polymers, wild pistachio and hyaluronic acid. The lay like a gentle film on the face and provide a pleasant feeling on the skin. The product gets additional bonus points from me because it is free from parabens, mineral oils and silicones.

My conclusion: If you are looking for a less invasive option for smooth, wrinkle-free facial skin instead of laser or Botox, Monteil's "Instant Facelift Serum" is the perfect solution. Thanks to the economical dosage, the serum is very productive, due to its price of 70 euros for 30 ml but only something for ladies who are ready to "invest" something in their beauty - and there I definitely belong!

Text: Christine Harrasser