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Seniorbook test: Better than Facebook?

Social networks

Facebook is the largest social network on earth. Many smaller competitors had to bow to the superiority of the American network. In Germany it has recently met " who knows whom ". As a farewell, the operators recommended to the wkw'lern a change to the network " Seniorbook ". Seniorbook in the test : has looked at the new portal.

Optics: cork and petrol instead of dark blue

There is a great deal to dispute about taste and therefore we prefer not to comment on the look of the Portals Seniorbook . If you like the Facebook blue, you might find it a bit dull and puristic at first. The dominant colors are petrol, orange and white. The pin board is provided with a cork look. You can like it.

Technology: Everything important to read in German

So much clearer than Facebook is not Seniorbook. The menu names are not exactly unique, that is, it is not immediately clear what is meant by terms such as "workplace". There are all texts such as terms of use and information on privacy settings in understandable German to read. Of course, the network is also the baby of German business people. The office is in Munich and the team includes people like Thomas Bily, who previously worked in major German publishing houses such as Gruner + Jahr and Hubert Burda Media, or Alexander Schiechel, who worked for the Focus for a long time.

Privacy: Seniorbook attaches great importance to privacy

For privacy, Seniorbook gets a big plus. "We strictly adhere to the rules of German data protection laws, and we work closely and proactively with the Bavarian State Office for Data Protection Supervision." That sounds good and is good - and at least much, much more transparent than dealing with data from the American competitor.

Network: Rather represented older semester

The name suggests it already: Older people are still represented on Seniorbook. But that can change very well, after all, many former users of "who knows who" are currently flooding into the portal. And more and more people finally have enough of the big data sell-off on Facebook.

Fun: Listen to music easily and try out games

Even on Seniorbook there are loads of fun games: Majong, Doppelkopf, or Kickern - all there. The game area is much more clearly arranged than the Facebook. Nice are nice features like the Seniorbook Radio. You can choose between channels like R & B, Legends or Rock and listen to music via stream without any problems. Stars and starlets do not exist here, you will not get news from media companies. But you can network well with his local clubs and nice people from the neighboring street.

Conclusion: Quietly test

If you do not want to have anything to do with Facebook, but would like to network online at a local level, Seniorbook could be a good alternative to Facebook. So, just have a look and try it.