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Semino Rossi talks about his marriage: "I'm not a star at home ..."

Exclusive interview

At the end of the month Schlager star Semino Rossi goes on tour. Before we met the singer for an interview, and he revealed how his marriage with Gabi is ...

They recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary. How did you spend that?

Semino Rossi : I wanted to give my wife a special day. That's why I booked the hotel where we got married - a romantic surprise. We ate and remembered our beautiful wedding day. A journey into the past. Today we have two wonderful daughters, Vanessa is 13 and Laura 20.

How did your wife react?

Semino Rossi : She was incredibly touched and cried for joy. She thanked me again and again for this wonderful day. We promised ourselves eternal love 20 years ago and we are still very happy.

How strong must the wife of Semino Rossi be?

Semino Rossi : She has to be strong and that's her. Gabi knew from the beginning that I'm traveling a lot as a musician. She gives me the freedom and for that I thank her.

How would you like to live with your wife when you are 80 years old?

Semino Rossi : I hope that we are still very happy with each other and have more time together. I would like to travel with my wife and enjoy our beautiful home. We both want to grow old together in health. That would be wonderful.

Can you imagine returning to your native Argentina one day?

Semino Rossi: No, my children were born and raised in Austria, here they are happy. My home is where my family is. I will definitely travel to Argentina again and again, but I do not want to go back permanently. Emigration is out of the question.

There were always bad infidelity rumors. How much are your marriage costs ?

Semino Rossi: Such lies hurt me. I think that would be the way for every couple. I am glad that my wife trusts me as blindly as I trust her. We do not give up the talk. Trust is the basis of a relationship.

How are you as a father?

Semino Rossi: Quite normal. I'm not a star at home, just daddy. We do everyday things like other families too - we go to the movies, walk or eat burgers at McDonald's. I also like to visit a volleyball game of my youngest. I think it's nice to be part of everyday life. I am very proud of my two daughters.

Are you testing potential partners of your daughter Laura?

Semino Rossi: My daughter has been with a really nice guy for five years. She is very happy with him, which makes me happy. But of course I took a close look at her friend at the beginning. He introduced himself to me and my wife. I would like to know who comes near my daughter. She should be happy, because I'm already looking closely.

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